Honeywell Actuator for Balanced Hydronic Valves, VC6936MK6100

Honeywell Actuator for Balanced Hydronic Valves, VC6936MK6100

Code: ACT-VC6936MK6100



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

VC2, VC4, VC60, VC8 On/Off Actuator for Balanced Hydronic Valves

These 2-position (open/close) control actuators are used with VCZ1000, 1100, 6000 and 6100 series hydronic valves in a normal indoor enviroment to provide quick opening/closing to control the flow of hot and/or chilled water or glycol solution to 60% concentration. They are designed for on-off "zone" control of heating/cooling systems, or to control individual fan coil, baseboard radiator or convertor applications.

Depending on the model selected, the actuator can be controlled by a low or line voltage SPST or SPDT controller, such as a room thermostat, aquastat or flow switch.

VC80 series valve actuators are designed to be used with hard-wired electronic thermostats with series anticipator or power-stealing thermostats.

VC actuators use cam-operated cartridge travel to resist water hammer. Internal limit switches prevent motor overrun.


The specifications following are nominal and conform to generally acceptable industry standards.

Supply Voltage -- Color-coded Label:
24V, 50 Hz -- Blue
24V, 60 Hz -- Blue
100-130V, 50-60 Hz -- Black
200-240V, 50-60 Hz -- Red

Power consumption: 6 watts maximum at nominal voltage (during valve position change). Use 24V class 2 transformer and provide 6 VA for transformer and connection wire sizing.

Maximum Duty Cycle: 15%

Nominal firing: Valve opens in 6 seconds @ 60 Hz (20% longer @ 50 Hz)
VC8040 Series opens in 12 seconds @ 60 Hz (20% longer @ 50 Hz)

Operating ambient temperature: 32 to 150°F (0 to 65°C)
Except VC2114, VC2714, VC8114 and VC8714 are 42 to 140°F (0 to 60°C)

Humidity rating: 5-95% RH (non-condensing)

Replaces Part Number: VC6936MK6100