R8182D Aquastat Controller

R8182D Aquastat Controller

Code: AQT-R8182D1111



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

R8182D, H Combination ProtectorelayTM Primary Control and Aquastat® Controller

The R8182D, H Controllers combine a ProtectorelayTM Primary Control and an Aquastat® Controller for  use inoil-fired, hydronic heating systems. The Aquastat Controller provides high and low limit protection, circulator control, and minimum water temperature control for tankless domestic hot water service.

The Protectorelay Primary Control provides control of a line voltage, intermittent ignition oil burner when used with a C554A Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector and a 24V thermostat.

The auxiliary ZC and ZR terminals provide zone control through an R845A Switching Relay. Each additional zone requires a separate 24V thermostat and an R845A Relay.

The R8182D,H also provide zone control using zone valves. Each additional zone requires a separate 24V thermostat and a V8043 or V8044 Zone Valve. The R8182D,H can be converted to provide only the high-limit to replace an R8182B,E or only the limit and circulator function to replace of the R8182C,F.

The R8182D mounts directly on the boiler. The R8182H mounts on a 4 by 4 in. junction box and has a 5 ft. (1.5m) capillary that allows a remote sensor location.

The R8182D includes:
• Bag of heat-conductive compound for better heat transfer.
• High- and low-limit setting stops.
• One wire nut.

Replaces Part Number: R8182D1111