Honeywell Round Damper, 12", SPRD

Honeywell Round Damper, 12", SPRD

Code: DMP-SPRD-12



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Static Pressure Regulating Damper (SPRD)

The Static Pressure Regulating Damper (SPRD) is a round or rectangular single-blade barometric relief damper. It is a mechanical damper with no electrical connections. The blade has a counter-balance weighted arm that can be adjusted to open when necessary. It is recommended for use on zone damper systems up to.5 in. static pressure and up to 2000 cfm. Systems above 2000 cfm may require use of the SPC static pressure control and MARD damper.

The SPRD is used on zoned systems when the automatic closing of zone dampers can create an excessive increase in the air pressure and velocity through the duct system. This increase can reduce the volume of air through the air handler and cause it to trip on high limit or to create ice on the coil.

The SPRD automatically opens as the air pressure in the duct system increases, and ducts the air into the return or dump zone. Both the position of the counterweight and the swing of the arm can be adjusted to allow the SPRD to open when necessary. See Fig. 1 and 2 for SPRD dimensions.

• Manually adjustable minimum position
• Sharp barb air connections (3) for 5/32 in. (4 mm) O.D. plastic tubing
• Factory mounted scale plate and knob; factory calibrated at 8 psi (55 kPa) at the 20 mark on the scale plate
• Scale plate markings (0-100) equal 7-12 psi (50-85 kPa) hesitation setting
• Molded plastic construction with neoprene diaphragms, music wire spring, and steel shaft
• Metal mounting clip, 1-1/2 in. (38 mm) diameter, supplied with device

Round Damper Sizing - Recommended cfm
7" - 300
8" - 400
9" - 600
10" - 750
12" - 1200
14" - 1800
16" - 2400

Replaces Manufacturer Part Number: SPRD-12