Danfoss TUB Series Expansion Valve, 68U1865

Danfoss TUB Series Expansion Valve, 68U1865

Code: EXV-68U1865



Product Description

Manufacturer: Danfoss

TUB Series Expansion Valve
Permanent Orifice

• Stainless steel expansion valve installs in less than half the time
• Wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration applications
• Stainless steel capillary tube is stronger and more flexible
• Double contact bulb provides more efficient heat transfer
• External superheat adjustment
• Valve can be used in biflow applications
• Rated capacities in nominal tons


Refrig. Type: R22
Capacity @ -20°F: 0.66
Capacity @ 0°F: 0.90
Capacity @ +20°F: 1.18
Capacity @ +40°F: 1.50
Capacity Tons: 1-1/2
Equal. Type: External
Inlet Conn.: 3/8 in. ODF
Outlet Conn.: 1/2 in. ODF
Temperature: -40°F to +50°F

Replaces Part Number: 68U1865