Parker Corporation Shell Replacement, P-1449

Parker Corporation Shell Replacement, P-1449

Code: FDR-P-1449



Product Description

Manufacturer: Parker Corporation

Replacement Filter Drier Shell
For R12, R22, R500, R502 and R134a Systems

• Range of models 7-1/2 to 85 tons
• Has necessary gaskets, screws and springs (and spacers on two-core models) to install filter-driers or cores
• Shipped with 1/4" pipe plug
• Full-flow heavy solid copper fittings 5/8" to 3-1/8"
• Cores may be loaded individually, easy installation in tight spots


Cores: 2
Conn. Size: 1-1/8 in. ODF
R22 Capacity A/C: 40
R12/R134a Capacity Refrig.: 40
R22 Capacity Refrig.: 40
R404A/R507 Capacity: 30

Replaces Part Number: P-1449