Empire Heating Systems Vented Room Heater, Console, 35,000 Btuh, LP Gas, RH35-LP

Empire Heating Systems Vented Room Heater, Console, 35,000 Btuh, LP Gas, RH35-LP

Code: FRN-RH35-LP



Product Description

Manufacturer: Empire Heating Systems

Vented Room Heater
Console Design

• Total comfort for a fraction of the cost of electric heat
• Heats without electricity
• Draft diverter installs to either horizontal or vertical position
• Open design allows maximum flow of heat
• Matchless piezo ignition
• Automatic blower included on RH-50B and RH-65B. Optional onRH-25, RH-35, RH-50C and RH-65C heaters
• Optional ceramic logs for visual flame heaters
• Heating large areas is economical with Empire's vented room heaters. With their efficient heat flow, the durable RH-50 and RH-65 offer ample warmth that makes any room comfortable. The one-piece glass enclosure on the RH-50B and RH-65B allows you to see the flame as it heats while the optional ceramic logs add a fire-like glow. The closed front on the RH-50C and RH-65C easily fits in any decor. Radiant and convection heat circulates the warmth while the blower (optional on the RH-50C and RH-65C) places warm air at floor level to give barefoot comfort throughout the winter season. The hydraulic thermostat needs no outside electricity assuring reliable, round-the-clock comfort. Each unit can be installed easily by any wall with access to a vent. Depth includes 6 1/6" for draft diverter, RH25, 35, 7 3/16" RH50, 7 11/16" RH65. Clearance to combustibles, Top: RH25, 35 - 48"; RH50, 65 - 55" Side: 6". Flue collar size: RH25, 35 - 4", RH50, 65 - 5"


Input (Btuh): 35,000
Gas: LP

Replaces Part Number: RH35-LP