Honeywell F554A Flame Sensor

Honeywell F554A Flame Sensor

Code: FSN-C554A1463



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

C554A Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector

The C554A Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector (cad cell) is a photo-conductive flame detector used with oil primary controls such as R4166, R4184, R8182, R8184, R8185, R8404 and R8991. It consists of a plug- in, light sensitive cell and a socket with factory-installed mounting bracket and leadwire. The detector is installed inside the air tube of the burner where the cell can view the flame. It is wired to the F-F terminals of the oil primary control.

The photocell is a ceramic disk coated with cadmium sulfide and overlaid with a conductive grid. Electrodes attached to the ceramic disk transmit an electrical signal to the primary control. In darkness, cadmium sulfide has a very high resistance to the passage of electrical current. In visible light, its resistance is very low and current is allowed to pass. The entire cell is hermetically sealed (glass to metal) to prevent cell deterioration.


• Cadmium sulfide sensing element provides faster response than bimetal sensors.
• On flame failure, the cad cell causes the oil primary control to shut down the main burner.
• Mounting brackets available to fit all applications.
• Entire cell is hermetically sealed (glass to metal) to reduce cell deterioration by humidity, soot, or oil fumes.
• Plug-in cell for easy replacement.
• Recessed cell provides more accurate flame sighting and prevents accumulation of dirt and soot on cell face.

Replaces Part Number: C554A1463