R4795A Flame Safeguard Primary Control

R4795A Flame Safeguard Primary Control

Code: FSN-R4795A1040



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

R4795A Flame Safeguard Primary Controls

The R4795A ProtectorelayTM Primary Control provides solid state electronic flame safeguard protection for commercial and industrial gas or oil burners. It provides a prepurge period before each start, and intermittent pilot.

• 120V models meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Standard 795 for mechanical draft and atmospheric burner inputs from 400,000 to 2,500,000 Btu.
• Meets Underwriters Laboratories Inc. requirements for oil burner group 8 when 30, 60, or 90 second prepurge timer is used.
• Selection of solid state, plug-in prepurge timers provides 7, 10, 30, 60, or 90 second prepurge time.
• Includes terminals for connection of air flow switch to prove airflow before prepurge period starts, during purge, and during the entire Run period.
• Choice of interchangeable, color-coded, solid state, plug-in flame signal amplifiers allows use with rectification or ultraviolet type flame detectors.
• Safe-start feature prevents start when flame or flame simulating condition is present.
• Recycles through prepurge if the flame goes out while burner is running. If pilot flame is not reestablished, safety switch trips and locks out system.
• A tripped safety switch must be manually reset to restore operation.
• Push-to-reset safety switch is dust-resistant enclosed.
• Optional spdt alarm contacts operate external alarm on safety switch lockout.
• Ignition interference circuit (rectification amplifier only) protects electronic network from high voltage ignition crossover and provides visual indication when interference occurs.
• Solid state circuitry eliminates vacuum tube replacement and increases resistance to vibration. Application of power not required during Off cycle; no tube warmup before starting.
• Easy-to-replace plug-in components result in faster service and reduced inventory.
• Flame current jack, located on the amplifier, provides means of plugging in a microammeter to measure the flame signal with system operating.
• Easy mounting and removal through use of captive mounting screws, which also serve as electrical connections.
• Durable thermoplastic mounting base.
• Models available with -40°F (-40°C) temperature rating.

Replaces Part Number: R4795A1040