R7795B Flame Safeguard Primary Control

R7795B Flame Safeguard Primary Control

Code: FSN-R7795B1009



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

R7795A, B, C, D Flame Safeguard Primary Controls

The R7795 Flame Safeguard Primary Control provides flameout protection plus automatic control of commercial and industrial gas and oil burners. Models provide intermittent pilot or interrupted pilot with delayed main valve.

• Integral solid state color-coded flame amplifiers: R7795A,C for ultraviolet detection systems (purple). R795B,D for rectification detection systems (green).
• Solid state plug-in ST95A Purge Timers provide prepurge timings of 1.5, 7, 10, 30, 60, or 90 seconds.
• Includes terminals for connection of a line voltage airflow switch to prove airflow from the start of prepurge through the run period.
• Mounts on a Q795A Subbase with two captive screws. All electrical connections are automatically provided between the device and subbase. Wiring terminals are accessible for testing.
• Meter jack on amplifier board for measuring flame signal with system in operation.
• Internal light-emitting diode (LED) indicates presence of flame signal.
• Field selectable ten or four second trial for pilot flame ignition.
• Powered alarm terminal to operate an external line voltage alarm on safety lockout.
• R7795 models are available with either intermittent pilot (interrupted ignition) or interrupted pilot and delayed main valve.
• Run-Test switch on interrupted pilot/delayed main valve models.
• Safe-start feature prevents start-up with lockout if flame or a flame simulating failure exists.
• Recycle or lockout on flame failure is field selectable.
• Safety switch must be manually reset after lockout.
• Meets Underwriters Laboratories, Canadian Standards Association, and Factory Mutual Approved standards.

Replaces Part Number: R7795B1009