Honeywell Modular Pneumatic Controller

Honeywell Modular Pneumatic Controller

Code: PNE-RP920B1023



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

RP920A, B, C, D Modular Pneumatic Controllers

The RP920 Modular Pneumatic Controllers, in conjunction with remote sensors, provide proportional or proportional plus integral control of temperature, humidity, pressure, or dewpoint in heating and air conditioning systems.

• Proportional plus integral control minimizes offset
• Miniature diaphragm technology provides high degree of accuracy and reliability.
• Field adjustable compensation start point
• Local or remote setpoint field optional
• Integral action cut-off provides trouble-free automatic startup
• Transparent cover (optional) provides protection while allowing easy access
• Corrosion resistant construction

Replaces Manufacturer Part Number: RP920B1023