Honeywell Switching Relay, 120/240V, R847A1085

Honeywell Switching Relay, 120/240V, R847A1085

Code: RLY-R847A1085



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

R182J, R482J, R845A, R847A, R882J, RA89A, RA832A Switching Relay

These relays provide intermediate or heavy duty service in a wide variety of switching configurations.

• Relays with 24V control coils: Rl82J, R882J, R847A, RA89A, RA832A, and R845A
• Relays with line voltage control coils: R482J
• Relays with internal 24V transformer: R182J, RA89A, RA832A, R845A, and R847A
• Relays for use with an external 24V supply: R882J
• Heavy duty relays: R847J
• R847A has flexible internal leads to provide either spst or spdt switching
• RA832A has contacts for low voltage and millivoltage (Powerpile®) use

• Applications: Provides switching for high-current loads such as cooling compressors.
• Voltage (50/60Hz): 120/240
• Switch Action: dpst
• Control Circuit: 2-wire
• Coil Voltage (Vac @ 50/60 Hz): 24
• Relay Coil Currents (A): 0.40

Replaces Manufacturer Part Number: R847A1085