Honeywell Electric/Pneumatic Relay

Honeywell Electric/Pneumatic Relay

Code: RLY-RP418B1071



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

RP418A, B, C, RP818A, B, Electric/Pneumatic Relay

The RP418 and RP818 Electric/Pneumatic Relays are solenoid valves which open and close the air supply to pneumatic controls. The control input is an on/off line voltage signal to the RP418A-C and 24V ac signal to the RP818A and B.

• Usable as a diverting relay, a selector relay, or a stop and bleed relay
• Mount and operate in any position
• Directly mounts to MP516A Actuators, VP516C Valves, or PP901B and PP902D Pressure Regulators
• Available with lead wires, junction box, or plug-in electric connections

Replaces Manufacturer Part Number: RP418B1071