Pneumatic Piston Actuator, 8-13#, Spring

Pneumatic Piston Actuator, 8-13#, Spring

Code: act-D-3246-6001



Product Description


D-3240 Series Pneumatic Piston Actuator

The D-3240 Series Pneumatic Piston Actuators are multipurpose positioning devices designed for operating inlet vanes on centrifugal fans and compressors, in direct response to the output signal of a pneumatic controller. These actuators can also be used on other applications that require a large amount of positioning power from a single actuator, such as large damper applications, provided that the damper is designed to withstand the high torque capabilities of the actuator.

The D-3240 Series Actuators are furnished with an 8 to 13 PSIG (56 to 91 kPA) spring range and are available in two mounting configurations: swivel-mounted and pedestal (single or duplex) floor-mounted. Floor-mounted models are furnished with a factory installed and calibrated D-9502 Positioner; swivel-mounted models are available with or without the positioner. The positioner may also be ordered separately at a later date for additional positioning power should the application require it.

For actuators with a positioner, if it is necessary to extend the piston rod to make the linkage attachment, loosen the positioner spring arm before extending the rod and make sure the spring is just taut before retightening it.

Replaces Part Number: D-3246-6001