Pneumatic Damper Actuator w/ Positioner, Univ Mount, 8-13#

Pneumatic Damper Actuator w/ Positioner, Univ Mount, 8-13#

Code: act-D-4073-1



Product Description


D-4073 Pneumatic Actuator

The D-4073 Pneumatic Actuator is a multipurpose positioning device used to accurately position small dampers primarily on unit ventilators, Variable Air Volumes (VAVs), terminal units, and small ventilating dampers in response to output signals of a pneumatic controller or electro-pneumatic transducer.

The actuator is also recommended for use on other air flow control dampers, in interior locations, up to a maximum area of 6.75 square feet for proportional volume control and 11.7 square feet for two position actuation provided that the torque requirements are compatible with the specific application.

The D-4073 is a direct replacement for existing D-3073 actuators and a functional replacement for former D-251 actuators.

When an 8 to 13 psig spring range is used with proportional control, the damper size is limited to 6.75 square feet maximum. As a two position control, damper size is limited to 11.7 square feet.

Three nominal spring ranges are available: 3 to 7 psi, 5 to 10 psi, and 8 to 13 psi. The control air pressure for normal HVAC operation is 0-20 psig.

The D-4073 incorporates several internal and external features that add functional flexibility. A 2-way swivel connection on the actuator cylinder head provides non-binding movement. All actuators have a telescoping piston rod for easy linkage of the damper for attachment points up to 8-3/4 inches (222 mm) away from the face of the actuator. A swivel ball joint and slotted crank arm connector are furnished on all actuators for optional methods of linkage to the damper.

Replaces Part Number: D-3073-1, D-4073-1