M6063A Compact Rotary Mixing Valve Actuator

M6063A Compact Rotary Mixing Valve Actuator

Code: act-M6063A4007



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

M6063A Compact Rotary Mixing Valve Actuator

The “Corona” series of Compact Rotary Valves and Actuators provide integrated mixing of boiler supply, boiler return, loop supply, and loop return water in hydronic heat­ing systems.

The V5442 valve can mix both loop supply water and boiler return water simultaneously to control loop supply temper­ ature and boiler shock or flue gas condensation protection. They may be plumbed in either a direct mixing or injection configuration. The effective Cv of the valves is increased when piped in an injection configuration.

The M6063 actuator enables automatic mixing operation when used with an AQ675A Aquatrol Outdoor Temperature Compensator, or T6984 proportional room thermostat.

• 24 Vac floating input for automatic control.
• Single screw attachment to V5442 valve body.
• Multi-poise mounting.
• Color-coded position indicator.
• Manual valve operator.
• Auxiliary end switch for cascade control outputs.
• Sealed assembly; flylead electrical connections.

Replaces Part Number: M6063A4007