MP8000 Series Actuated Valve, 9-13#, 1/2" Stroke, w/ Mounting Kit

MP8000 Series Actuated Valve, 9-13#, 1/2
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MP8000 Series Actuated Valve w/ Pneumatic Valve Actuator Positioner

The V-9502-95 Pneumatic Valve Actuator Positioner is a precision relay device designed to operate a Johnson Controls MP8000 Series Valve Actuator in applications requiring stable, accurate control. The V-9502-95 provides maximum positioning power to resist external forces which might otherwise overcome the positioning power of the valve actuator. Adjustable operating span and starting point also make the V-9502-95 an ideal choice for valve sequencing applications.

The V-9502-95 Positioner is mounted to the MP8000 Series Actuator using an MP8000-6002 Positioner Mounting Kit (ordered separately). This mounting kit contains six color-coded springs and all of the necessary mounting hardware.

Replaces Part Number: MP822E001A