Proportional Motor Actuator Interface Board

Proportional Motor Actuator Interface Board

Code: act-R81JAA-1



Product Description

M100J Proportional Motor Actuator R81J Interface Board

The M100J Series Motor Actuators are used in damper and valve applications where proportional 3-wire 135 to 1000 ohm potentiometer, 6 to 10 VDC active (0 to +24 VDC) or a Johnson Controls 0 to -2 VDC electronic controller input signal is required.

The M100J may be wired in parallel for multiple actuator installations or used as slave actuators with other models.

The M100J Series Motor Actuator may also be used in several override control applications such as high or low limit, minimum damper position or for hot water temperature reset.

Replaces Part Numbers: act-R81JAA-1