L4081B Multiple Aquastat Controller

L4081B Multiple Aquastat Controller

Code: aqt-L4081B1047



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

L4081A, B and L6081A, C Multiple Aquastat Controllers

The L4081 and L6081 Aquastat® Controllers provide boiler water regulation in gas- or oil-fired hydronic heating systems.

• An immersion type liquid-filled sensing element actuates two snap switches.
• One switch operates as a high limit control.
• The other switch operates as a low limit and/or circulator control, depending on the model.
• Controller may be mounted in any positioning and needs no leveling.
• Separate, easy-to-read, calibrated dial and setpoint adjustments for each switch.
• Differential adjustment on low limit or circulator switch.
• All adjustments accessible inside front cover.
• Push-in terminals for quick connecting.
• Single sensing element for easy installation.
• Two spst snap switches (one spst and one spdt in L6081A,C) act independently at respective temperature settings.

Replaces Part Number: L4081B1047