TrueRH Series Humidity Controller, 20-80%, White Wall Mount

TrueRH Series Humidity Controller, 20-80%, White Wall Mount

Code: elc-HC-6703-4N00W



Product Description


TrueRH Series HC-67x3 Humidity Controllers

The TrueRH Series HC-67x3 Humidity Controllers come in both wall or duct mount packages. These attractively styled controllers offer ease of installation and application flexibility. The patented All-Polymer humidity sensor construction improves resistance to chemical corrosion.

The HC-67x3 functions as a proportional humidity controller.

The output is jumper-selectable Reverse Acting (RA) or Direct Acting (DA), along with an adjustable setpoint and proportional band.

IMPORTANT: The HC-67x3 Series Humidity Controllers are intended to provide input to equipment under normal operating conditions. Where failure or malfunction of an HC-67x3 Series controller could lead to an abnormal operating condition that could cause personal injury or damage to the equipment or other property, other devices (limit or safety controls) or systems (alarm or supervisory) intended to warn of, or protect against, failure or malfunction of the HC-67x3 Series controller must be incorporated into and maintained as part of the control system.

The HC-67x3 controller comes in both a wall mount and a duct-probe package to suit a variety of sensing application needs. Both humidity controllers feature a quick-mount design that saves time and simplifies installation.

A combination wallbox and surface mounting base connects to the unit for easy mounting directly to either drywall (spring clips provided) or a standard U.S. wallbox. All wiring connections for the humidity transmitters terminate on terminal blocks.

The Johnson Controls TRUERH duct package offers an all plastic enclosure, which reduces thermal biasing. This feature lowers energy consumption, reduces condensation, and eliminates the need for thermal compensation.

The HC-67x3 humidity controller proportionally ramps its output as the measured humidity changes in the proportional band. The setpoint is at the low end of the proportional band for a DA controller and at the high end for an RA controller.

Replaces Part Number: HC-6703-4N00W