1/2" G292 Series BASO® Dual Pilot Gas Valve

Code: gas-G292AA-1
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G292 Series BASO® Dual Pilot Gas Valve

The G292 Series is a dual pilot gas valve intended for use with a dual burner system that requires a continuously burning standing pilot at each burner. The G292 valve can be used with natural gas, Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas, and LP-air mixed gas at pressures up to 0.5 psi (35 mbar). Typical applications include commercial cooking applications.

Features and Benefits
• Dual Pilot Design Provides pilot flame for a dual burner system with one valve
• Compact Design Permits installation in dimensionally-restricted appliances
• Safe Lighting Allows gas flow only to the pilot burner during lighting
• Easy Operation Provides simple lighting with the use of large reset buttons

The G292 valve is a 100% shutoff device with a compact, cast aluminum valve body. It can be used with a dual burner system to ignite pilot gas for each burner. The flow interruption feature allows gas to flow only to the pilot during the lighting process.

The G292 valve may be mounted in any convenient position.

Replaces Part Numbers: G292AA-1