1/2" G96 Series BASOTROL® Dual Operator Valve 24V

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G96 Series BASOTROL® Dual Operator Valve

The G96 Series BASOTROL® valves are combination, dual operator, automatic valves available with or without a pressure regulator. Typical applications include central heating units, unit heaters, rooftop units, make up air heaters, and similar applications.

Features and Benefits
• Bipolar Magnetic Operator Provides dependable operation and long life
• Top or Bottom Regulation Adjustment Provides application flexibility
• Compact Design Permits installation in dimensionally restricted applications
• Selectable Pilot Tap Positions Provides application flexibility
• Numerous Magnetic Operator Cover Styles Available Allows various mounting options and connection choices to best suit your requirements
• Optional Valve-mounted Ignition (Q96) Lowers assembly costs and simplifies wiring

The G96 Valves are suitable for use with natural gas or Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas at pressures up to 0.5 psi (35 mbar). The G96 valves with a silicone diaphragm are suitable for operation over a temperature range of -40 to 175ºF (-40 to 80ºC). Valves with a nitrile diaphragm are suitable for operation over a temperature range of -20 to 175ºF (-29 to 80ºC).

Note: This valve should be used only in applications that are within the limitations and provisions of the applicable American National and/or Underwriters Laboratories® standards.

The G96 valve is equipped with two BASOTROL bipolar magnetic operators. Bipolar construction reduces the possibility of the valve sticking in the open position from residual magnetism or from mechanical interference. A leak limit orifice is supplied as standard on valves with a regulator stack.

The G96 valves may be mounted on a horizontal manifold with the magnetic operators pointed up (vertical) or in a position not exceeding 90º from vertical. The G96 also may be mounted on a vertical manifold in any position around its axis.

Replaces Part Numbers: G96HGH-5