GM-7000 Series Multi-function Gas Control Valve

GM-7000 Series Multi-function Gas Control Valve

Code: gas-GM-7532-3856C



Product Description

GM-7000 Series Multi-function Gas Control Valve

The GM-7000 Series multi-function gas control valve works in conjunction with an electronic sequence control unit to provide fully automatic control for residential and light commercial heating, cooking, drying, and other light commercial applications. Typical applications include freestanding and wall hung boilers for residential hydronic heating, commercial cooking appliances, and commercial tumbler dryers.

Features and Benefits
• Optional Pressure Regulator Provides field adjustable flow control for range-rated applications
• Convertible Pressure Regulator Permits use with Liquid Petroleum (LP) gas or natural gas
• Compact Size Permits installation in space-restrictive applications
• CE Compliant Broadens applications to include markets in Europe

Valve Operation
The GM-7000 is an on/off valve with spring-loaded seat discs that are operated by solenoids with protected rectifiers to ensure quiet operation. When the valve is energized, the solenoid plunger is pulled into the coil, overcoming the force of the closeoff spring and the flow medium pressure. The valve seat discs are directly fixed to the plunger stem so the valve fully opens. The Teflon® coated plunger provides maintenance-free operation under permissible temperature and pressure specifications.

Replaces Part Numbers: GM-7532-3856C