Q179C Miniature Gas Pilot Burner Assembly

Q179C Miniature Gas Pilot Burner Assembly

Code: gas-Q179C1025



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Q179C, D Miniature Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies

The Q179C,D Miniature Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies are applicable to proving the pilot flame on industrial, commercial gas or gas pilot ignited oil burners.

• Q179C,D assemblies are compatible with flame safe-guard controls utilizing the rectification principle of flame proving.
• Q179C is a gas pilot assembly that incorporates ignition and flame electrodes. Is suitable for applications requiring interrupted or intermittent spark ignited gas pilots.
• Q179C may be used with the Q624A Solid State Ignition Transformer (Interrupted Pilot), 22042, 101079 Ignition Transformers or equivalents.
• Q179D has a flame electrode (rod) and a thermocouple adapter and is suitable for continuous pilot applications. Can be used with Q340A Thermocouple or Q313A,B Thermopile Generator.
• Primary aerated type pilot burner with a stainless steel target to stabilize the flame and provide the proper flame electrode (rod) area to ground area ratio to generate an optimum flame signal.
• High temperature Kanthal electrode(s) are mounted in ceramic insulators.
• Side or end mounting brackets available.
• Dual and single wing burner targets available.
• Q179C,D are miniature functional replacements for the Q179A,B respectively.
• Flame electrode (rod) ignition electrode and insulators are factory positioned and adjusted for proper operation. Field adjustments are not required.

Replaces Part Number: Q179C1025