P-5215 Differential Pressure Transmitter

P-5215 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Code: pne-P-5215-10



Product Description


P-5215 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Features and Benefits
• Ultra Sensitive Feedback Circuit
    • Enhances System Performance by Ensuring a High Degree of Linearity and Accuracy
    • Improves System Integrity by Minimizing Hysteresis, Thus Providing Repeatable, Predictable Output Results
• Wide Variety of Models Available
    • Satisfies Many Applications Including Static Pressure Control, Fan Matching, and Liquid Level Control
    • Allows Precise Matching of Transmitter to Application, Resulting in More Accurate Control
    • Product Line Includes Bi-Directional Range Model, Ideal for Clean Room Applications
• Rugged Design
    • Standard Enclosure Eliminates Need for Panel Mounting
    • Barbed Fittings Ensure All Air Connections are Secure

The P-5215 Differential Pressure Transmitter accurately measures differential pressure and converts the measurement into a proportional 3 to 15 PSIG (21 to 105 kPa) output signal. This instrument can be used in a variety of control applications including static, velocity, and differential pressure control.

The P-5215 is used with the low input acting as a reference less than, greater than, or equal to atmospheric pressure. As the differential between the low and high inputs increases, an internal mechanism will proportionally increase the output signal of the P-5215. The output at zero differential is 3 PSIG (21 kPa). When the differential reaches its maximum, as defined by the range, the output will be 15 PSIG (105 kPa).

The P-5215-4, with a range of -.05 to .05 in. WG (-12.45 to 12.45 Pa), is an exception to this rule. The output for the P-5215-4 is 3 PSIG when the pressure to the high input “H” connection is .05 in. WG less than the pressure to the low input “L” connection, and 15 PSIG when the pressure to the “H” connection is .05 in. WG greater than the pressure to the “L” connection. The output at zero differential is 9 PSIG (63 kPa).

Replaces Part Number: P-5215-10