P-5217 Static Pressure Transmitter

P-5217 Static Pressure Transmitter

Code: pne-P-5217-8



Product Description


P-5217 Static Pressure Transmitter

The P-5217 Static Pressure Transmitter is a low volume instrument which measures a particular differential pressure as referenced to atmosphere and converts the measurement into a proportional 3 to 15 PSIG (21 to 105 kPa) output signal.

The P-5217, with external restrictor, is used to measure a static pressure differential; for example, end of duct run or fan discharge segments of an air distribution system. A signal, proportional to the measured static differential, is transmitted to an indicator, recorder, or receiver-controller.

There are three connections on the P-5217: high input, low input, and supply/output. The supply/output connection is a barbed fitting for 5/32 or 1/4 in. O.D. polytubing. Both the high and the low input connections are barbed fittings for 3/8 in. O.D. polytubing. For certain applications, it may be preferable to use 1/2 in. O.D. polytubing on the low sensing line.

The low input connection must be referenced to atmosphere. When static pressure at the high input connection is higher than the reference static pressure, a proportional signal is transmitted from the supply/output port in accordance with the differential established between the low and high input ports.

As the differential increases, an internal mechanism proportionally increases the output signal. When the differential reaches the maximum of its range, the output from the supply/output port will be 15 PSIG (105 kPa). When the differential is at its minimum, the output will be 3 PSIG (21 kPa).

Replaces Part Number: P-5217-8