P-5500 Pneumatic Pressure Indicator

P-5500 Pneumatic Pressure Indicator

Code: pne-P-5500-1040



Product Description


P-5500 Pneumatic Pressure Indicator

The P-5500 Pneumatic Pressure Indicator provides continuous visual indication of constant, static or differential pressure measured by a transmitter with a 3 to 15 PSIG (21 to 105 kPa) output range. The gage features a 3-1/2 in. (89 mm) dial size in standard and metric ranges listed in the Specifications table with an accuracy of ±1/2% of full range.

The dull black lacquer finish and black printing contrast with the white dial face for easy readability and attractive appearance. The equivalent metric scale is printed in blue. The clear plastic protective lens screws off for cleaning and easy access to the recalibration screw on the dial face.

• P-5500-1046: 0-15 PSIG/0-103.4 kPa
• P-5500-1006: 0-50 PSIG/0-345 kPa
• P-5500-1007: 0-100 PSIG/0-690 kPa
• P-5500-1008: 0-200 PSIG/0-1379 kPa
• P-5500-1005: -30" HG to 30 PSIG/-101 to 207 kPa
• P-5500-43:     -0.5 to 0.5" WG/-12.5 to 12.5 Pa
• P-5500-1039: 0-0.1" WG/0-24.9 Pa
• P-5500-1040: 0-0.25" WG/0-62.25 Pa
• P-5500-1019: 0-0.5" WG/0-124.5 Pa
• P-5500-44:     0-1" WG/0-249 Pa
• P-5500-1018: 0-2" WG/0-498 Pa
• P-5500-1022: 0-5" WG/0-1245 Pa
• P-5500-1024: 0-10" WG/0-2490 Pa

Replaces Part Number: P-5500-1040