PVL6436A Programmable, Unitary/VAV Controller

PVL6436A Programmable, Unitary/VAV Controller

Code: pne-PVL6436A



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

PUL6438, PVL6436A, PVL6438N Programmable, Unitary/VAV Controllers

The PUL6438, PVL6436A, and PVL6438N controllers are part of the Excel 10 product line family. The three controllers are Free Topology Transceiver (FTT) LONMARK®-compliant devices designed to control HVAC equipment. These controllers provide many options and advanced system features that allow state-of-the-art commercial building control. Each controller is programmable and configurable using the NIAGARA FRAMEWORK® software.

The controllers are for use in VAV (Variable Air Volume) and Unitary HVAC control applications. Each controller contains a host microcontroller to run the main HVAC application and a second microcontroller for LONWORKS® network communications. Each controller provides flexible, universal inputs for external sensors, digital inputs, and a combination of analog outputs and digital Triac outputs.

• Uses the Echelon® LONWORKS® network protocol.
• Free Topology Transceiver (FTT) high-speed 78 kilobit communications network.
• Capable of stand-alone operation, but can also use LONWORKS® Bus network communications.
• 120 controllers per Excel 10 Q7751A,B Router when configured as a repeater.
• Field configurable and programmable for control, input, and output functions using the NIAGARA FRAMEWORK® software.
• User-defined network variables.
• Function Block engine, which allows the application designer to program the controller to perform a wide variety of HVAC applications.
• Significant Event Notification, Periodic Update capability, and Failure Detect (FD) when network inputs fail to be detected within their configurable time frame.
• Built-in Zone Control functions include a remote wall module interface and a scheduler.
• Pressure-independent or pressure-dependent single or dual duct Variable Air Volume (VAV) control as well as Unitary equipment control.
• Microbridge air flow sensor with dual integral restrictor design (PVL6436A and PVL6438N only).
• Easy user access to air flow sensor inputs.
• Actuator (PVL6436A only) mounts directly onto VAV box damper shaft and has up to 44 lb-in. (5 Nm) torque, 90-degree stroke, and 90 second timing at 60 Hz.
• All wiring connections are made to removable terminal blocks to simplify controller installation and replacement.
• Both controller housing and actuator are UL plenum rated.

Replaces Part Number: PVL6436A