P12 Series Differential Pressure Control

P12 Series Differential Pressure Control
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P12 Series Differential Pressure Control

The P12 differential pressure Mountingcontrol is suitable for use with oil and/or non-corrosive refrigerants. The switch is actuated by a difference in pressure between the two sensing elements. The control is factory set to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications and is not field adjustable. The setting is stamped on each control.

This control may be connected to a P28 lube oil control, with time delay, to give complete monitoring of lubrication on two refrigeration compressors driven by one motor.

Type                                              P12AA                           P12AE
Range psi (kPa)                                  7-60 (48-414)                       7-60 (48-414)
Description                                          w/ NEMA 1 enclosure        less enclosure
Max. Overpressure psig (kPa)        500 (3447)                           500 (3447)
Max. Diff. Pressure psi (kPa)          100 (689)                             100 (689)

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