3/4" 40/100# RA, V46 Series Pressure-Actuated Water-Regulating Valve

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V46 Series Pressure-Actuated Water-Regulating Valves

The V46 pressure-actuated modulating valves come in two types of control action: direct acting or reverse acting. Direct-acting V46 valves are typically used for regulating refrigerant head pressure in water-cooled condensers. Reverse-acting V46N valves are typically used for bypass service on refrigeration systems and heat pump applications. Commercial V46 valves may be used with standard non-corrosive refrigerants. V46 models are also available for ammonia refrigerant. For applications where the coolant may be corrosive to the valve trim, maritime models are available, which have nickel copper (monel) valve trim.

Features and Benefits
• No Close Fitting or Sliding Parts in Water Passages - Provides robust control in less than ideal conditions
• Corrosion Resistant Material for Parts that Come in Direct Contact with Water - Promotes longer valve life
• Accessible Range Spring Allows easy manual flushing, if required
• Take-apart Construction Interior of valves accessible without removing valve from refrigeration system or pumping down
• Pressure-balanced Design Valve maintains consistent setpoint against both gradual and sudden water pressure changes

Application Overview
The V46 direct-acting models open on an increase in pressure. Models A, B, and C are typically used for regulating water-cooled condensers, while the low flow “D” model is generally used in ice machines. The reverse-acting V46N valve model closes on an increase in pressure and is typically used for bypass service on refrigeration systems and heat pumps that control water temperature. Commercial V46 valves are available in 3/8 in. through 2-1/2 in. sizes. Commercial all range models (3/8 through 1-1/2 in.), may be used with standard non-corrosive refrigerants, or ammonia refrigerant applications, depending on the model. V46 series valves also come in models designed for Navy or maritime salt water applications. These valve bodies are constructed of bronze, and any metal parts that come into contact with salt water are constructed of nickel copper (monel), which withstands the corrosive action of salt water.

IMPORTANT: All V46 Series water regulating valves are designed for use only as operating devices. Where system closure, improper flow, or loss of pressure due to valve failure can result in personal injury and/or loss of property, a separate pressure relief or safety shutoff valve, as applicable, must be added by the user.

Replaces Part Numbers: V46NC-2