L7022A Thermostat, Electronic Averaging Sensor

L7022A Thermostat, Electronic Averaging Sensor

Code: thr-L7022A1002



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

L7022A Electronic Averaging Sensor

The L7022A Electronic Averaging Sensor is used in commercial air conditioning systems to provide accurate measurement and control temperature. Primarily, it is for use in large air-duct systems, but it may also be used to measure concrete slab temperature, or for the control of dew point in an air washer.

• Moisture-resistant, temperature-sensitive resistance element enclosed in flexible copper tubing
• Element easily formed into variety of configurations to insure sensing of average temperatures through large ducts, where temperatures are uneven
• For use with any controller requiring a 500-ohm Balco sensor in electronic control circuits only

Replaces Part Number: L7022A1002