Heat Pump Non-Programmable Thermostat

Heat Pump Non-Programmable Thermostat

Code: thr-T600HPN-3



Product Description


T600xxx-3 Series Thermostats

Product Bulletin
The T600xxN-3 Series non-programmable and T600xxP-3 Series programmable thermostats are specifically designed for control of single-stage, multistage, and heat pump commercial heating and cooling equipment. The T600xxP-3 Series thermostats are also specifically designed for control of rooftop units (with and without economizers). The T600xxx-3 Series thermostats provide exceptional temperature control in an easy-to-use, yet flexible, package. The T600xxx-3 Series thermostats have over 20 configurable parameters, enabling the thermostats to adapt to a variety of applications. The T600xxx-3 Series thermostats include several models: Single-stage (T600HCx-3), Heat Pump (T600HPx-3), Multi-stage (T600MSx-3), and Economizer (T600MEP-3). All thermostats use a unique Proportional-Integral (PI) proportional control algorithm that virtually eliminates temperature offset associated with traditional differential based thermostats.

Product Overview
The T600xxx-3 Series thermostats are specifically designed for control of the most common commercial heating and cooling equipment. A number of configurable parameters enable the T600xxx-3 Series thermostat to effectively and efficiently control various types of equipment in nearly any application. Configuration, setup, and operation of the T600xxx-3 Series thermostat are extremely intuitive and are accomplished through the user interface.

Additional Features
The T600xxx-3 Series thermostats also offer many other features:
• Adjustable Heating/Cooling Deadband Adjusts the minimum heating/cooling deadband from 2 to 4F° (1 to 2C°).
• Adjustable Maximum Heating/Minimum Cooling Setpoints Establish the maximum heating setpoint and minimum cooling setpoint that can be entered through the user interface.
• Progressive Recovery Ensures the correct temperature is reached at the programmed occupied time.
• Adjustable Heating/Cooling Cycles per Hour Configurable for a maximum of 3 to 8 heating cycles and 3 or 4 cooling cycles in a 1-hour period, balancing temperature control and equipment cycling.
• Smart Fan Enables the fan to operate continuously during the occupied times and cycle with the equipment during the unoccupied times.
• Adjustable Power Delay on Start-up Enables a delay before any operation is authorized upon power up of the thermostat. Can be used for equipment protection or to sequence start-up of multiple units in one location.
• Remote Indoor and Outdoor Sensing Accommodates remote indoor and outdoor sensors. Up to three indoor sensors can be averaged.
• Three Levels of Keypad Lockout Provide three different levels of keypad lockout that can be set up through the menu and interface keys.
• Adjustable Anti-Short Cycling Timer Adjusts the minimum on and off times for the equipment from 0 to 5 minutes.
• Frost Protection Enable/Disable Turns the heat on when the zone temperature drops below 42°F (5.5°C) regardless of the thermostat’s mode.
• Adjustable Temporary Occupancy Time Adjusts the occupancy override time from 0 to 12 hours.
• System Mode Lockout Allows the heating and cooling modes to be locked out based on outdoor air temperature when an outdoor air sensor is connected.
• Non-volatile EEPROM Memory Prevents loss of adjusted parameters during power failure.
• Power Loss Backup for Clock (T600xxP-3) Retains clock setting for up to 6 hours in case of power loss.
• Heating and Cooling Stage Enable/Disable (T600MEP-3, T600MSx-3) Allows operation of the second-stage heating and cooling to be disabled, reverting the thermostat to single-stage operation on multi-stage thermostats.

Replaces Part Numbers: T600HPN-3