Q5020B Globe Valve Linkages

Q5020B Globe Valve Linkages

Code: tls-Q5020B1001



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Q5020A, B, C, D Globe Valve Linkages
For Direct Couple Actuators

The Q5020 Globe Valve Linkages connect a Honeywell direct coupled damper actuator to a steam or water globe valve. The Q5020 linkages are compatible with 2- and 3-way globe valves.

• Used with 25, 50, and 142 lb-in. spring return and 35, 70, 150, and 300 lb-in. non-spring return direct coupled actuator (DCA).
• Quick and simple installation with no disassembly required.
• Heavy-duty self-lubricating powdered-metal rack-and-pinion, aluminum die-cast housing, and zinc chromate-plated steel mounting bracket and handle.
• Maintenance-free construction.
• Precision roller-bearing rack construction prevents premature valve packing wear and leakage.
• Flexible actuator mounting orientation.
• Adjustable manual override lever and valve position indicator.
• Can be mounted on specific non-Honeywell valves using a 32004629 Bonnet Adapter Kit.

Replaces Part Number: Q5020B1001