0-70°F, 4 Stage Temperature Control, A36 Series Multistage Thermostat

0-70°F, 4 Stage Temperature Control, A36 Series Multistage Thermostat

Code: tmp-A36AHB-33



Product Description


0-70°F, 4 Stage Temperature Control, A36 Series Multistage Thermostat

A36 multistage thermostats operate electrically controlled equipment such as multiple refrigeration compressors, or unloading type compressors in air conditioning or chiller installations. They are available with three or four stages, and each stage has single-pole, double-throw contact action, and operates from a single, liquidfilled sensing element that is unaffected by barometric pressure changes. The control is ambient compensated for ambient temperatures from 0 to 140°F (-18 to 60°C).

IMPORTANT: The A36 multistage thermostats are intended to control equipment under normal operating conditions. Where failure or malfunction of an A36 thermostat could lead to an abnormal operating condition that could cause personal injury or damage to the equipment or other property, other devices (limit or safety controls) or systems (alarm or supervisory) intended to warn of or protect against failure or malfunction of the A36 thermostat must be incorporated into and maintained as part of the control system.

General Description
Series A36 thermostats supplied in “open” construction (without an enclosure) are for panel mounting. Pennswitch terminals are supplied with Number 8 binding head screws. Optional 1/4 in. x .032 in. male quickconnect tabs are available on models with knob shaft adjustment. The differential on each stage and the sequencing between stages are established by the equipment engineer for optimum performance of his units and are nonadjustable in the field. This permits package unit manufacturers to completely engineer the cycling of their equipment without the potential for field misadjustment and resultant erratic sequencing. A single adjustment moves the entire staging band up or down within the range of the control to give the most desirable balance point between the unit and load, or to produce the desired temperature condition at the bulb location. The A36 is regularly supplied with a calibrated dial and screwdriver slot adjustment with low dial stop, factory adjustable over the lower 40 degrees of the selected range. Extended 1/4 in. diameter shaft with a flat surface (.156 in. or .187 in.) available on quantity orders. Shaft length to 3-1/2 in. from mounting surface of panel. Mounted models available at no extra cost. Shaft models are supplied with “stops” at both adjusting limits, eliminating need for “stops” in equipment manufacturers’ knob or escutcheon plate. Standard shaft rotation is clockwise for warmer temperature adjustments. The main operating arm is counterbalanced and spring loaded. Stresses at the pivot point are kept low to avoid wear. Rigid main frame resists distortion and is protected by shock absorber mounting pads.

Replaces Part Number: A36AHB-33