TE-6100 Series Temperature Sensor

TE-6100 Series Temperature Sensor

Code: tmp-TE-6100-4



Product Description


TE-6100 Series Temperature Sensors

TE-6100 completed assemblies are used in a wide variety of temperature sensing applications. In addition to these completed units, there are various other sensing elements and hardware configurations that may be field assembled, depending on the application.

Features and Benefits
• Nickel and Silicon Sensor Elements Provide multiple resistance ranges for a variety of applications
• Phone Jack Connectors on Room Temperature Sensors TE-6100-11 and -12 Allow connection to controllers and test panel via standard or plenum rated telephone cable
• Optional Mounting Assemblies Provide easy mounting through the use of a mounting bracket or wallplate TE-6100 Series Temperature Sensors and Completed Sensor/Hardware Assemblies

Replaces Part Numbers: TE-6100-4