L408J Vaporstat Controller

L408J Vaporstat Controller

Code: vpt-L408J1009



Product Description

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Honeywell - Flamesafeguard 0-16oz. VAPORSTAT SPDT

The L408J VaporStat® Controllers are line voltage pressure
controllers that provide operating control or automatic limit
protection for pressure systems of up to 4 psi (27.6 kPa).
All models have Microswitch™ snap switches to open or close
a circuit on a pressure rise.
• Primarily for use in vapor heating systems, but also
may be used with liquids, air, and other
noncombustible gases.
• Stainless steel diaphragm also allows use with
ammonia, oxygen, distilled water, and similar media.
• Maximum surge pressure of 15 psi (103.4 kPa).
• All models have an adjustable subtractive differential.
• Adjustments are made by screws on top of case.
• Scaleplates are marked in English (psi) and metric
(kPa) units.
• Case has clear plastic cover so that pressure settings
can be observed.
• Hexagonal fitting with 1/4-18 NPT internal threads for
direct mounting to the 50024585-001 Brass or 14206
Steel Steam Trap (siphon loop).
• Can also be surface mounted by screws through holes
(knockouts) in back of case.
• Ground screw terminal.

Maximum Surge Pressure:
15 psi (103.4 kPa).
Snap Microswitch™ in all models.
Pressure Sensing Element:
Stainless steel diaphragm.
Maximum Ambient Temperature:
150°F (66°C).
Minimum Ambient Temperature:
-35°F (-37°C); also refer to note under Location and Mounting
in the Installation section.
Adjustment Means:
Screws on top of controller case. Scales are marked in psi
and kPa.
Electrical Connections:
Internal screw terminals; holes in side of case for 1/2 inch
Mounting Means:
Hexagonal fitting on diaphragm has 1/4-18 NPT internal
threads for mounting on a pipe or steam trap (siphon loop).
Also can be surface mounted by screws through two holes
(knockouts) in back of case.

Replaces Honeywell part number: L408J1009