Empire Heating Systems Direct Vent Wall Furnace, Direct Vent Counterflow, 35,000 Btuh, LP Gas, DVC35

Empire Heating Systems Direct Vent Wall Furnace, Direct Vent Counterflow, 35,000 Btuh, LP Gas, DVC35




Product Description

Manufacturer: Empire Heating Systems

Direct Vent Wall Furnace
Direct Vent Counterflow

• Clean and cost-efficient comfort makes these the perfect heaters to add soothing atmospheric warmth to your smaller-size rooms. The slim, compact design of each unit allows it to tuck out of the way on any outside wall. The complete line of Empire direct vent wall furnaces is specifically designed for placement in areas where flues or chimneys are not available or cannot be used. One hole through the outside wall is all you need. Plus, Empire direct vent heaters have removable front panels for cleaning and servicing. With a direct vent system, there is a positive difference in fuel economy because outside air is used to support combustion. The air on the inside is warmed as it recirculates around a sealed chamber. This warm air comfortably heats the room cleanly and efficiently. Empire’s secret to quieter operation is our uniquely designed burner. As gas enters the burner port, it is ignited immediately, which eliminates delayed ignition noise and gives you quieter operation.
• Safety is the key factor to every Empire direct vent furnace. Each unit contains an automatic shut-off valve should the pilot light become extinguished. And, Empire’s factory-based quality control procedures assure you that every heater is a top performer before it goes into your home.
• Quiet burners, a matchless piezo ignition and all the safety features you expect from Empire Comfort
• Total warmth for a fraction of the cost of electric heat
• No electricity needed for millivolt wall thermostat operation
• Optional automatic blower available for more even heat distribution
• Cost-efficient installation
• All Empire products shown have a 10 year warranty on the combustion chamber, 1 year limited warranty on parts.
• Venting
• Wall thickness: 4 1/2" to 13" (19" with vent tube extension kit); 3/4" to 10" for DVC35, 4 1/2" to 12" for MV Series (18" with extension kit)
• Vent opening: DV210, 215: 6 1/4"; DV25, 35, DV55, DVC35: 7 1/2"; MV120: 5 1/2"; MV130: 6 3/4"; MV145: 8 1/2"
• Combustibles clearance: Top DV210, 215: 12"; DV25, 35: 48"; DV55, DVC35: 4"; MV Series: 36" Side DV210, 215: 1"; DV25, 35 - 6"; DV55, DVC35: 4" (18" for side outlet); MV Series: 4"


Input (Btuh): 35,000
CFM: 275
Gas: LP
Pilot Type: Standing

Replaces Part Number: DVC35SPP-LP