MN6134 Damper Actuator

MN6134 Damper Actuator

Code: act-MN6134A1003



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

N20, N34 Series MN6120, MN6134
Damper Actuators 20/34 Nm (175/300 lb-in) for Floating/2-Position Control

These direct-coupled damper actuators provide two-position and floating control for:
• rotary valves,
• air handlers,
• ventilation flaps,
• louvers, and
• reliable control for air damper applications with up to 50 sq.ft. (20 Nm / 175 lb-in) or 85 sq. ft. (34 Nm / 300 lb-in) (seal-less damper blades; air friction-dependent).

• New self-centering shaft adapter
• Access cover to facilitate connectivity
• Declutch for manual adjustment
• Mechanical end limits (MN6120 only)
• Field-installable auxiliary switches
• Rotation direction selectable by switch
• Mountable in any orientation (no IP54 if upside down)
• Mechanical position indicator

Replaces Part Number: MN6134A1003