Q179B Gas Pilot Burner Assembly

Q179B Gas Pilot Burner Assembly

Code: gas-Q179B1117



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Q179A, B Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies

Q179A,B Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies use the flame rectification principle to prove the flame. Q179A,B are used in conjunction with a suitable electronic flame safeguard control on industrial or commercial gas and gas pilot ignited oil burners.

• Q179A is a gas pilot assembly with a flame electrode (rod) and ignition electrode, making it suitable for applications requiring an interrupted or intermittent electrically ignited gas pilot burner.
• Q179A1183 is an “I” port burner with an ignition electrode (spark) only.
• Q179B has only the flame electrode and is suitable for use in continuous pilot applications.
• Primary aerated type burner is equipped with stainless steel fins that provide the proper flame rod area to ground area ratio for maximum flame signal and flame stabilization.
• Stainless steel electrode(s) are mounted in ceramic insulators, which permit electrode adjustment.
• Rajah connectors facilitate disconnecting.
• Bracket permits side or end mounting.

Replaces Part Number: Q179B1117