UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller

UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller

Code: tmp-DC2500C00A0R200000



Product Description

UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller

The UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller is a new, low-priced addition to Honeywell’s Controller family.

This controller introduces new features in the popular low priced 1⁄4 DIN size while retaining all the reliability, cost effectiveness, simplicity, and popular HMI of Honeywell’s UDC 2300.

The UDC2500 monitors and controls temperatures and other variables in applications such as:
• furnaces and ovens,
• environmental chambers,
• packaging machinery,
• plastic processing machines.

• 1 Universal Input + 1 high level input
• 0.25% Accuracy
• Fast scanning rate (166ms)
• Up to 5 Analog or Digital Output Types
• 2 Digital Inputs
• Ethernet and Modbus communication
• Infrared PC & Pocket PC configuration
• NEMA4X and IP66 front face protection
• Multilanguage prompts
• 1⁄4 DIN Size
• Jumper free configuration
• Easily Field Upgradable
• Downward compatibility with existing UDC2300 applications
• Limit model

The standard features include Accutune IIITM and the popular single display, automatic mode model. A Dual Display model with Automatic/Manual control modes is optional. A Limit Control model is also available.

The UDC2500 provides a 1⁄4 DIN sized alternative for many applications. Its features include: Universal AC power supply, optional RS422/485 Modbus® RTU or Ethernet 10Base-T TCP/IP communication protocols, input/output isolation, Isolated Auxiliary Current output.

When these are combined with the Accutune IIITM tuning with fuzzy logic overshoot suppression, the result is price/performance leadership.

Configuration can be done with a PC through communication or with a Pocket PC, using the embedded infra red communication port. No need to get access to the back of the controller to download or upload a brand new configuration!

For the many thousands of satisfied UDC2300 users, the UDC2500 is downward-compatible with most existing UDC2300 applications.

Replaces Part Number: DC2500C00A0R200000