Honeywell Spring Return, Foot Mounted Actuator, 60 lb-in Torque, M6285A1005-S

Honeywell Spring Return, Foot Mounted Actuator, 60 lb-in Torque, M6285A1005-S

Code: ACT-M6285A1005-S



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Series 61 and Series 62 Modutrol™ IV Motor

• Integral junction box provides NEMA 3 weather protection
• Integral spring return returns motor to normal position when power is interrupted
• Motor and circuitry operate from 24 Vac. Models available with factory installed transformer, or a field added internal transformer
• Quick-connect terminals are standard—screw terminal adapter is available
• Adapter bracket for matching shaft height of older motors is available
• Motors have field adjustable stroke (90° to 160°)
• Die-cast aluminum housing
• Integral auxiliary switches are available factory mounted, or can be field added
• Nominal timing standard of 30 seconds (90° stroke), and 60 seconds (160° stroke). Other timings available
• Spring return motors can operate valve linkages from power end or auxiliary end shafts for normally closed or normally open valve applications
• All models have dual shafts (slotted and tapped on both ends)
• All models have auxiliary switch cams
• Fixed torque throughout the entire voltage range
• Motors are designed for either normally open or normally closed valves and dampers
• Series 62 models include electrically isolated feedback potentiometer that provides shaft position indication
• Series 62 TRADELINE models have linear feedback, configurable for slaving Series 90 Motors


Voltage: 24
Aux Switch: 0
Mounting: Foot Mounted
Stroke: 160 adjustable in.
Timing: 30-60 sec
Torque: 60 lb-in Spring Return, 150 lb-in Non-Spring Return

Replaces Partial Motor Numbers: M445A, M445B, M445C, M445D, M445E, M944B, M944E, M944G, M944H, M944J, M944K, M944R, M944S, M945B, M945C, M945G, M945K, M945L

Replaces Part Numbers: M6285A1005, M6285A1005-S, M905K1002