Honeywell Cartridge Globe Valve, V5852A2007

Honeywell Cartridge Globe Valve, V5852A2007

Code: ACT-V5852A2007



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Cartridge Globe Valve for M6410A, M7410F, M6435A, and M7435F Actuators

The V5852A, V5853A, V5862A, V5863A Series 1000 and 2000 Cartridge Globe Valves can also be controlled by MP958A Pneumatic Valve Actuators.


• V5852A is a two-way female sweat valve.
• V5853A is a three-way female sweat mixing valve.
• V5862A is a two-way female NPT valve.
• V5863A is a three-way female NPT mixing valve.
• Soft valve seat provides low leakage rate.
• Valve inserts are changeable without draining valve when used with the insert replacement tool.
• Threaded plastic cover allows manual operation.
• Brass body and stainless steel stem.

Replaces Part Number: V5852A2007