Honeywell Gas Valve

Honeywell Gas Valve

Code: GAS-SV9510M2511



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

SV9510/SV9520 Smart Valve System Controls

The Tradeline® SV9510/SV9520 SmartValve System Controls combine gas flow control and electronic direct main burner ignition sequencing functions into a single unit. The ignition source is 120V hot surface; ignitor lighting the main burner flame. Two types of 120V igniters may be used. Provides all gas ignition safety functions by controlling gas flow, ignition source, and a 120 Vac combustion air blower. The control also monitors the appliance airflow proving switch circuit and limit string to assure proper appliance operation. The SmartValveTM System Controls provide prepurge, postpurge and timed trial for ignition with multiple ignition trials and auto reset from lockout. Diagnostic LED indicates system status.

The control communicates directly with the ST9160 Electronic Fan Timer (EFT) in typical forced warm air furnace applications. It will also interface with the 208907 Terminal Board, providing compatibility with power stealing thermostats. Or, it directly interfaces with the appropriate power supplies and a system thermostat for additional appliance applications. When controlled directly by a thermostat, the control does not provide a postpurge function, as power to the control is removed when the thermostat call for heat ends.

This system is suitable for a wide range of fan-assisted combustion, gas-fired appliances including furnaces, rooftop furnaces, boilers, unit heaters, infrared heaters, water heaters and commercial cooking appliances. The specific application of the SmartValve System is the responsibility of the appliance manufacturer.

Line voltage polarity sensing models monitor the line voltage input connection to assure line voltage polarity is correct. If line voltage polarity is incorrect, the LED diagnosis code will flash and the control will not respond to the call for heat. These models also provide added LED diagnostic codes (“6+”) to indicate the reason the control has moved to the lockout state.

Body Pattern: Straight through with 1/2" inlet and 1/2" outlet
Electric Ratings:
     System Transformer: 40VA minimum NEMA rating
     Voltage and Frequency: 24Vac, 50/60 Hz

Note: 50 Hz operation increases all timings by 20%

Output Ratings:
     Ignitor Load: 5A maximum at 120Vac
     Induced Draft Motor Load: 2.5A full load, 10A locked rotor at 120 Vac
Current at 24 Vac: 24V Thermostat: 0.25A at 24 Vac, 60 Hz
Prepurge Time (Factory-Set): 15 seconds
Trial for Ignition (IAP+FRP): 7 or 9 seconds typical, depending on model.
Automatic Restart Delay: 60 minutes, minimum.
Ignition Retries: 3 retries; 4 trials total before lockout.
Ignition Recycles: 4, then lockout.
Flame Failure Response Time: 2 seconds max. at 5 ?A.
Regulation Range (Btuh): SV9510/SV9520 with 1/2" NPT Outlet:
     Natural Gas:
           Minimum: 20,000
           Maximum: 200,000
     LP Gas:
           Minimum: 40,000
           Maximum: 200,000
Natural-LP Gas Conversion Kits:
     Natural Gas-->LP: 393691 Conversion Kit
     LP-->Natural Gas: 394588 Conversion Kit
Pipe Adapters: Angle and straight adapters available for 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-in pipe. Flange kits include one flange with attached O-ring, four mounting screws, a 9/64" hex wrench and instructions

Ignitor Types:
Model Number    Hot Surface Ignitor Type    HSI Warmup (sec)
   SV9510                Norton 271                          17 (first try)
                                                                            27 (subsequent tries)
   SV9520                Norton 601                          7 (first try)
                                                                            12 (subsequent tries)

    Size (inlet and outlet)(in.): 1/2 x 1/2 NPT
    Capacity (at 1" wc pressure drop): 150 ft³/hr (4.2 m³/hr)
    Minimum Regulated Capacity: 20 ft³/hr (0.6 m³/hr)
    Maximum Regulated Capacity: 200 ft³/hr(5.7 m³/hr)

Gas Capacity Conversion Factor:
    Gas                       Specific Gravity     Multiply Listed Capacity by
    Manufactured     0.60                        0.516
    Mixed                   0.70                        0.765
    Propane               1.53                        1.62

Replaces Part Number: SV9510M2511