Honeywell Gas Valve

Honeywell Gas Valve

Code: GAS-SV9541Q2561



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

SV9541, SV9641 SmartValve System Controls

The TRADELINE® SV9541 and SV9641 SmartValve System Controls combine gas flow control and electronic intermittent pilot sequencing functions into a single unit. The Q3450 or Q3480 Pilot hardware supplies the low voltage ignitor, flame sensor and pilot burner. These ignition system controls provide all gas ignition safety functions by controlling gas flow, ignition source, and a 120 Vac or 240 Vac combustion air blower. The controls also monitor the appliance airflow proving switch and limit string to assure proper appliance operation, and provide prepurge, postpurge, and timed trial for pilot ignition with 100 percent shutoff and continuous retry. A diagnostic LED indicates system status.

These controls communicate directly with an electronic fan timer (ST9160 Electronic Fan Timer for single stage applications; ST9162 Electronic Fan Timer for two-stage applications) in typical forced warm air furnace applications. They also interface with the 208907 Terminal Board, providing compatibility with power stealing thermostats. Or, they directly interface with the appropriate power supplies and a system thermostat for additional appliance applications. When controlled directly by a thermostat, these controls do not provide a postpurge function, because power to the control is removed when the thermostat call for heat ends.

The SV9541 and SV9641 Systems are suitable for a wide range of fan-assisted combustion gas-fired appliances including furnaces, rooftop furnaces, boilers, unit heaters, infrared heaters, water heaters and commercial cooking appliances. The specific application of the SmartValve System is determined by the appliance manufacturer.

SmartValve System controls are available in a range of valve capacities. The suffix letter indicates temperature range and regulator type.

IMPORTANT: These ignition system controls provide only direct replacement. Use the Y8610 to convert standing pilot systems to electronic ignition systems.

Body Pattern: Straight through
Electric Ratings:
    System Transformer: 40VA minimum NEMA rating

Note: Larger system transformer may be required for specific applications.

    Voltage and Frequency: 24Vac, 60 Hz; 50 Hz models available.
    Output Ratings:
        Ignitor Load: 1.5A maximum
        Induced Draft Motor Load: 2.5A full load, 10A; locked rotor at 120 Vac; 1.75A full load, 5A; locked rotor at 240 Vac
    24V Thermostat Current: 0.25A in run mode, with control connected directly to thermostat
Pre-purge Time (Factory-Set): 15
Trial for Ignition: 90 seconds
Postpurge Time (Factory-Set): 30 seconds (not available when SmartValve System Control is connected directly to thermostat)
Retry Delay: 5 minutes
Flame Failure Response Time: 1.6 seconds max. at 2 ?A.
Pipe Adapters: Angle and straight adapters available for 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-in pipe. Flange kits include one flange with attached O-ring, four mounting screws, a 9/64" hex wrench and instructions

Valve Capacity
Capacity based on 1000 Btu/ft³, 0.64 sp gr natural gas at 1" wc pressure drop (37.3 MJ/m³, 0.6 sp gr natural gas at 0.25 kPa pressure drop)
Size (Inlet x Outlet) (in.) AGA Certified Capacity for Natural Gas AGA Certified Min. Regulation for NG~
AGA Certified Max. Regulation for NG
1/2 x 1/2
150 ft³/hr (4.2 m³/hr)
20 ft³/hr (0.6 m³/hr)
200 ft³/hr (5.7 m³/hr)
3/4 x 3/4
300 ft³/hr (8.5 m³/hr)
20 ft³/hr (0.6 m³/hr)
415 ft³/hr (11.8 m³/hr)

* Capacity is reduced by 5% when using an outlet screen and valves are guaranteed at only 77% of the rating
~Minimum regulation for LP gas is 40,000 Btuh

Gas Capacity Conversion Factor
Specific Gravity
Multiply Listed Capacity By

Model Number Suffix Letter Designation
Suffix Letter
Ambient Temperature
Pressure Regulator Type
-40°F to 175°F (-18°C to 79°C)
-40°F to 175°F (-18°C to 79°C) Two-stage

Replaces Part Number: SV9541Q2561