Honeywell Gas Valve

Honeywell Gas Valve

Code: GAS-SV9570A2526



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

SV9570 SmartValve Water Heater Controls

The SV9570 TRADELINE® SmartValve Water Heater Control System is a single unit which combines direct ignition sequencing, gas flow control, temperature sensing and setpoint adjustment features. These controls were designed specifically for gas fired, forced-draft hot water tank heating applications. The ignition source is a 120V hot surface igniter lighting the main burner flame. Two types of 120V igniters may be used. SV9570 Controls provide high temperature thermal cutout and all gas ignition safety functions, controlling gas flow, ignition source, water temperature and a 120 Vac combustion air blower. The control also monitors the appliance airflow proving switch and limit string to assure proper appliance operation.

The SmartValveTM Water Heater Control provides pre-purge, postpurge and timed trial for ignition with multiple ignition trials and auto reset from lockout. Diagnostic LED indicates system status.

IMPORTANT: SV9570 Controls provide direct replacement only.

Body Pattern: Straight through w/ 1/2" inlet and 1/2" inverted flare outlet
Mounting: Multipoise capability allows mounting in any position 0 to 90° from upright, including vertically
Electric Ratings:
    Voltage and Frequency: 115 Vac, 50/60 Hz
    Output Ratings:
        Ignitor Load: 5A maximum at 120 Vac
        Induced Draft Motor Load: 2.5A full load, 10A locked rotor at 120 Vac
    Current: 0.1A at 115 Vac
Pre-purge Time (Factory-Set): 5
Interpurge: 30 seconds
Trial for Ignition: 4 seconds
Auto Restart Delay: 60 minutes, minimum
Postpurge Time (Factory-Set): 5 seconds
Ignition Retries: 3 retries; 4 trials total before total lockout
Ignition Recycles: 3; 4 losses of flame before lockout
Flame Failure Response Time: 2 seconds max. at 2 ?A.
Regulation Range (Btuh):
    Natural Gas:
        Min - 20,000
        Max - 180,000
    LP Gas:
        Min - 40,000
        Max - 180,000

Hot Surface Ignitor Type
Norton 601
HSI Warmup (seconds) - 7 first try; 12 subsequent tries
Flame Recognition Period - 1 second

Model Number Suffix Letter Designation
Suffix Letter
Ambient Temperature Range
Pressure Regulator Type
A - Control
0 to 150°F (-18 to 79°C)
A - Sensor
34 to 212°F (-1 to 100°C)

SV9570 Capacity
* Capacity based on 1000 Btu/ft³, 0.64 sp ng at 1" wc pressure drop (37.3 MJ/m³, 0.64 sp ng at 0.25 kPa pressure drop)
* Valves are guaranteed at only 77% of the rating
Inlet x Outlet Size (in.)
Capacity (@ 1" wc pressure drop)
Min Regulated Capacity
Max Regulated Capacity
1/2 NPT x 1/2 inverted flare
130 ft³/hr (3.7 m³/hr)
20 ft³/hr (0.6 m³/hr)
180 ft³/hr (5.1 m³/hr)

Gas Capacity Conversion Factor
Specific Gravity
Multiply Listed Capacity By

Replaces Part Number: SV9570A2526, SV9570A2062, SV9570A2088, SV9570A2187, SV9570A2179