Honeywell Solid State Spark Generator, 120V, 10000 Output Voltage, Q624A1014

Honeywell Solid State Spark Generator, 120V, 10000 Output Voltage, Q624A1014

Code: IGN-Q624A1014



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Solid State Spark Generator

• Q624 mounting holes are the same as standard transformers; no adapter plate needed
• Impervious to humidity up to 95% relative humidity
• Ignites gas pilots with spark gaps up to 1/4-in (6-mm) in length
• 15,000 volts peak voltage for reliable lightoff
• Prevents detection of the ignition spark when properly applied in a flame detection system with the C7027, C7035, op C7044 Minipeeper® or C7061 Dynamic Self-Check Ultraviolet Flame Detector
• Ignition spark and ultraviolet detector are synchronized by the alternating current supply voltage; spark occurs on one half of the ac cycle and detector operates on the opposite half
• Recommended for interrupted ignition applications only
• Mounts in the same space use by conventional ignition transformer


IMPORTANT: The specifications given do not include normal manufacturing tolerances. Therefore, this unit may not match the listed specifications exactly. Also, this product is tested and calibrated under closely controlled conditions, and some minor differences in performance can be expected if those conditions are changed.

Voltage: 120 Vac
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 10,000 volts
Primary VA Rating: 66 VA at 120 Vac
Firing Range: 60 sparks per second
Max Spark Gap: 1/4-in (6-mm)

Replaces Part Number: Q624A1014

Replaces Obsolete Part Number: Q624A1006