Honeywell General Purpose Switching Relay

Honeywell General Purpose Switching Relay

Code: RLY-R4222B1082



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

R4222A-H, J-N, P-W, Y; R8222A-H, J-N, P-W, Y, Z; R4228A-D; R8228A-D Switching Relays

The R4222 and R8222 are general purpose relays for use in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, vending machines, and other applications requiring general purpose switching. R4228 and R8228 are heavy-duty relays with the same application.

A variety of switching configurations is available. Contacts are available for Powerpile (millivoltage), pilot duty, and power pole applications. R4222 and R4228 models have line voltage; R8222 and R8228 models have low voltage coils.

Replaces Part Number: R4222B1082