Honeywell TP930 Pneumatic Thermostat, TP9630A1004

Honeywell TP930 Pneumatic Thermostat, TP9630A1004

Code: THR-TP9630A1004



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

TP9630 Series Pneumatic Thermostat

TP9630 Pneumatic Thermostat provide proportional control of pneumatic valve and damper actuators in heating or air conditioning systems. The thermostat has a high-efficiency air filter, a self-sealing gage tap, and, and a concealable set-point adjustment knob. Covers are provided with all models.

• Plug-in mounting for easier installation and service
• One- or two-pipe installation for greater application flexibility
• Adjustable throttling range for optimum control
• Low air consumption for lower installation first cost
• Contemporary styled cover

Set-point Ranges: 60-90°F (15-32°C)
Throttling Range: Adjustable - 2-10°F (1-5°C)
Maximum Safe Air Pressure: 25 psi (172 kPa)
Mounting: Vertical wall mounted with plug-in back-plate

Replaces Part Number: TP9630A1004