Averaging Cumulator

Averaging Cumulator

Code: acc-C-2040-1



Product Description

Averaging Cumulator

The C-2040 Averaging Cumulator is a low volume output device designed to operate a controlled device or receiver-controller by averaging the output signals of two, three, or four controllers or transmitters. The C-2040 produces an output signal equal to the average of the input signals.

Inputs from up to four controllers or transmitters are applied to the pilot connections. Supply pressure, through a .007 in. restrictor, is furnished to the supply/output port. As the input pressure in any of the pilot air chambers increases, the exhaust port will close until the output pressure reaches the average value of the inputs. On a decrease in any of the pilot pressures, the exhaust port will open until the output pressure drops to the average value of the inputs and the cumulator will again be in balance.

Replaces Part Number: C-2040-1