C-9504 Two-Position Cumulator, 0-25#

C-9504 Two-Position Cumulator, 0-25#

Code: acc-C-9504-1



Product Description


C-9504 Two-Position Cumulator

The C-9504 Two-Position Cumulator is designed for applications where a two- position output signal is required from a proportional input “I” signal. The output can be powered by either a supply pressure or the input signal, with the appropriate configuration for either power source being chosen in the field. The C-9504 features independently adjustable high (cut-in) and low (cut-out) settings. The cut-in setting is the pressure at which the output rises from zero to full input (or supply). The cut-out setting is the pressure at which the output drops from full input (or supply) to zero.


The C-9504 features two pressure regulators for adjusting the high and low set points. When the input pressure rises to the high set point, full input (or supply) pressure is allowed to pass to the output “O” port. Above the high set point, the output of the C-9504 equals the input for the input “I” powered configuration or the supply for the supply “S” powered configuration. As the input drops below the low set point, the output is exhausted to zero.

Replaces Part Number: C-9504-1