Non-Spring Return Direct-Coupled Damper Actuator

Non-Spring Return Direct-Coupled Damper Actuator

Code: act-MN6105A1011



Product Description

Manufacturer: Honeywell

N05, N10 Series
Non-Spring Return Direct-Coupled Damper Actuators for Floating and Two-Position Control

This non-spring return direct-coupled damper actuator provides floating and two-position control for:
• air dampers,
• VAV units,
• air handlers,
• ventilation flaps,
• louvers, and
• reliable control for air damper applications with up to 10 sq ft / 44 lb-in. (5 Nm) and 20 sq ft / 88 lb-in. (10 Nm) (sealless damper blades; air friction-dependent).

• Declutch for manual adjustment
• Adjustable mechanical end limits
• Removable access cover for direct wiring
• Mountable in any orientation
• Rotation direction and service/OFF switch

Replaces Part Number: MN6105A1011